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Our Philosophy

The philosophy behind this project is to remember the many lives that have been lost due to gun violence in schools. As a society, we have a cycle that we fall into after every school shooting: Mourn, talk about change, forget. We want to stop this from happening and take the time to remember the victims of both the big and small shootings. The ones that the whole nation knows about as well as only those affected remember.

We mourn. We talk about change. We forget.

And we do nothing. 

What Is This?

Every weekday from April 23rd to the election date in November, we will have 2 people stand inside the Capitol in St. Paul, Minnesota, holding a flyer with a portrait, as well as some general information, of a victim of a school shooting that occurred in the United States between 1990 to today. Every weekday we need different volunteers to represent a different victim.


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